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BBB mix post: Fanmix by bittersweetrick for "Draculoids Will Never Hurt You"
Fic Master Post

We lucked out and got TWO awesome fanmixes!

The first is Face What You Fear by bittersweetrick.

Track Listing:

1- Mad World - Gary Jules
2- Echoplex - Nine Inch Nails
3- No More Mr. Nice Guy - Alice Cooper
4- Career Opportunities - The Clash
5- All My Life - Foo Fighters
6- Thunderstruck - AC/DC
7- Bad to the Bone - George Thoroughgood
8- Listen To My Voice - Gary Numan
9 - True Believers - The Bouncing Souls
10 - Attack - System of a Down
11- War, What Is Good For - Edwinn Starr
12 - California Uber Alles - Dead Kennedys
13- All The Mad Men - David Bowie
14- Knights of Cydonia - Muse


- NaNaNa, by My Chemical Romance
- Rise Above, by Black Flag

bittersweetrick was awesome enough to include justifications with her tracklist for why she chose each song, which we're posting here below a cut because it's spoilery for the fic:

1- Mad World - Gary Jules (life in Battery City/prologue);

2- Echoplex - Nine Inch Nails (working at BLI);

3- No More Mr. Nice Guy - Alice Cooper (Gerard quits his job at BLI);

4- Career Opportunities - The Clash (Gerard and Frank unemployed and lost);

5- All My Life - Foo Fighters (Gerard re-evaluating his life);

6- Thunderstruck - AC/DC (the first Killjoy 'art attack' against BLI);

7- Bad to the Bone - George Thoroughgood (Dr. Death Defying's crew theme);

8- Listen To My Voice - Gary Numan (Gerard trying to reach out to Frank from the zones/Frank following the leads all the way to the Springs);

9 - True Believers - The Bouncing Souls (Skeleton Crew's theme);

10 - Attack - System of a Down (The Skeleton Crew and Frank go to Kitty's rescue);

11- War, What Is Good For - Edwinn Starr (Gerard comes up with the concept of the band/A more effective way to raise awareness to kids about his cause);

12 - California Uber Alles - Dead Kennedys (Korse's POV vs. Gerard's POV);

13- All The Mad Men - David Bowie (This one was almost left off the soundtrack because the Dead Kennedys' one basically already sums up the situation, but I really think this is how Gerard would rationalize his involvement in the zonerunning scene. Like, this is what would justify his actions with, rather than a more aggressive stance [meant for others as exemple] as a killjoy);

14- Knights of Cydonia - Muse (What I think the Fabulous Killjoys' theme song would be, as soon as they figure out their identity as an unstoppable force);


- NaNaNa, by My Chemical Romance. (Ha. This one popped in my head long before I got to the part where he and Ray are writing the song. I think that if this story was a motion picture, NaNaNa would be the song playing as the credits rolled up at the end of the movie. LOL)

- Rise Above, by Black Flag. (Gerard's song for Frank).

[personal profile] were_duck: The songs work really well for those points in the fic! As a whole, the mix has a lot of energy and grungy guitars and anthemic, catchy hooks. It's a great mix for this story atmospherically :)

[personal profile] sassbandit: While we were working on the fic, we each had our own mixes that we listened to. What I loved about this mix is how well our mixer read my mind. There are a lot of artists here -- the Bouncing Souls, AC/DC, Nine Inch Nails, and more -- that I was listening to while I wrote, so this really makes me feel like she had a great sense of the atmosphere we were going for. This mix is definitely going on high repeat in my iTunes!

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It is sooo great to read that you guys liked that playlist! But not only did you like it, but you were vocal about it. BABY SEALS HAVE GOT NOTHING ON ME, NOW. Srly, I'd out-flail them now. =DDD

But I gotta be fair: though I knew what kind of a vibe I wanted for that mix, my musical knowledge was a little limited for some of the things I wanted to do, so xanax_n_wine pitched in with the suggestion of the Bouncing Souls and the Dead Kennedys. ;D

It was a fun ride, reading your fic and trying to figure which songs would work better for it and I would elaborate on this comment, but I can't - I gotta go read up this story again. ;DDDDDD

A ha ha ha well then thanks to xanax_n_wine too. Ze has excellent taste in music! (And California Uber Alles is *such* a great song for this fic and this 'verse, seriously... how is it not on every Killjoys playlist EVER?)

:D :D :D Thank YOU for making such a cool mix for us! It's been fun to listen to while editing the fic.

I'd love to hear your elaborations on why you picked each song if you ever feel like expounding on that--you have good specific moments in mind for each choice! Thanks so much again, I'm so happy you enjoyed making a mix for this story! :)

YAAAYY!! I'm glad to 'hear' that. ;D

Uhm, wow. Er... Okay, so. Idk, tbh. I read that fic sort of as a movie, so the scenes felt to me in a certain way, you know what I mean? Like, that beginning? With Frank and Gerard, and Gerard's drawing on Frank's skin... That was fantastic. There was something... Not sexy, but sensual about it. There was this mellow texture to it, and yet, it didn't feel calm or safe or anything like that. It felt like they were savoring that one moment of bliss before a storm and I wanted something to capture that scene with.

SADLY, my musical taste didn't help me much with that. I searched through an ocean of artists and different songs ('What A Wonderful Day' and 'Dream A Little Dream Of Me' almost took 'Mad World's place), but none of them had quite the vibe I was looking for. 'Mad World' wasn't a perfect fit, either, but was the best I was able to come up with at the time. TODAY, after watching Sucker Punch, I can totally say this: was exactly what I was looking for then. *SIGH*.

But... Anyway. Another scene that kicked my ass in the best way possible was the rescuing of Kitty. Man, what a ride that was. lol. I wanted something brutal, something raw, something badass and that, preferably, had some guitar and drum parts that would sound like machine guns and/or bombs going off. System of a Down was one of the first bands to pop in my mind but, unfortunately for this case, most of their songs are very specific to their cause. Their war against the war in the middle east, so... Yeah. It was complicated, but I was pleased in the end. When I listen to 'Attack', I can totally see Jamia crouching, waiting to attack and then Frank, positioned where he must, adrenaline pumping hard through his vein, hoping not to screw up.


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