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BBB art post: 3 pieces by kidsxheroes for "Draculoids Will Never Hurt You"
Fic Master Post

We got three gorgeous pieces of art by kidsxheroes, and we were hopping around squeaking in glee when they showed up in our inboxes! Her facility with facial expressions, her eye for detail and color really blew us away.

We've included quotes from the fic for context. You’ll also find these images embedded in the fic itself.

Piece One:

Piece 1: Gerard quitting his job

"Oh, fuck your corporate brand identity," Gerard says, realising he doesn't give a shit anymore, doesn't care that he's making a scene and people are prairie-dogging up over the cubicle walls to see what's going on. "I thought this -- it was a joke, you knew it was a joke, and now you won't even fucking admit it. Jesus, Korse, don't you even care what they're using it for? I can't believe I used to --" Korse just stands with his arms folded and raises an eyebrow at him. "I can't believe you used to be an artist," Gerard says, and pushes past him.

"This is not going to look good on your performance review," comes Korse's voice from behind him.

"I quit," Gerard shouts back at him, and keeps moving, out the door.

[personal profile] sassbandit: I love Gerard’s Revenge-era outfit in the early parts of the fic, I’m so glad kidsxheroes chose to draw this for us! His cranky face is fantastic, too.

[personal profile] were_duck: Not gonna lie, I was thrilled to see the red tie on Gerard, and his unkempt hair and pissed off FACE. kidsxheroes really got this scene perfectly, with Korse's smug expression and the bland, undecorated monochrome of Gerard's cube. This is a great illustration of one of my favorite moments in the fic.

Piece Two:

Piece 2: LynZ handing over a stack of records to Pony

LynZ hands over a stack of vinyl five inches thick: obscure queercore, riot grrl, and Nina Simone, wrapped in bright paper that probably cost her dearly. "A little sugar n' spice for your Doctor," she says, red lips twitching into an appreciative smile. "You've got our wave, babylonglegs. Call on us if there's need, Show Pony." She presses a cherry kiss into Pony's cheek, then flicks her visor down and nods to her crew, and they gun their bikes off to the highway back toward the Springs.

[personal profile] sassbandit: This one’s my favorite, omg. Pony’s face and makeup, and LynZ’s costume and her tattoos and her THIGHS, and the desert and the sky. Not gonna lie, this is the pic that made me squeak most excitedly when I opened the email from the big bang mods!

[personal profile] were_duck: PONY AND LYNZ! I have sat and STARED at this piece more than I'd care to admit -- I just LOVE the attention to detail, from LynZ's motorcycle to the patches on her jacket to that perfectly drawn BOOT, and Pony's leggy frame and hir slightly cocked hip and scuffed-up kneepads. I also love the comradely smirks they're giving each other on the hand-off.

Piece Three:

Gerard fighting with drac!Jimmy

There's Gerard, his rebreather hanging loose around his neck, his unwashed hair sticking out everywhere, and a drac cuff round one wrist. He's struggling against a tall drac in a white uniform, eyes wide and frantic. LynZ sees his free hand drop to his satchel as the drac roughs him to his knees, and then the drac turns around and she makes out his face, his stupid spiked hair, all too familiar. Jimmy. Fuck, that's just not even fucking fair.

[personal profile] sassbandit:: It’s so great to see Gerard with his stupid blond hair! kidsxheroes really got the tense feeling of them fighting in this pic, especially with their hands. I love how Jimmy’s wearing fingerless gloves, and how his hair looks sort of (but not quite) like the drac wigs we see in the video clips.

[personal profile] were_duck: I love the colors in this piece! Jimmy's black-and-white everything contrasts so well with Gerard's exuberant blues and yellow and red. The fear and tension are really great, too.

Huge thanks to for all three amazing pieces of art, from both of us!

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Ooooh, pretty! I love it all. :D

Show Pony is A+ oh my goddddddddddddddd <3333

I am biased because I love Kellie and her art is something that inspires me to do my own thing and well, I'm happy that she nailed it, like i knew she would!<333333333333333

ugh, kellie, be more talented, i dare you. these are so beautiful! the middle one is AMAZE and i just love love love the expressiveness in the other two. SO GOOD OMG. ♥

The art is great! It's impossible to pick, but the middle one especially is awesome--and the expressions are great in all of them!

So glad you both like the pieces. That's the thing i worry about most doing stuff like this, and the only real thing that matters so it's awesome you're really happy with it!

I really love the Killjoys world so getting to draw for this was fantastic for me. There were so, many different pieces throughout the story that i wanted to draw for!
Can't lie, the piece with Lyn-z is the piece that took me a good number of hours and the others pieces were done more quickly (as i realised FUCK IT'S DEADLINE DAY, I WANTED TO DO MORE! D:) but thank you, and eveyone else, for the lovely words!

I've always loved kidsxheroes' art, and this whole style, with all the bright colours and bold lines, is the most perfect thing for Killjoys art. My favourite is the one with Show Pony and Lyn - it's perfect and just so them.

These are awesome!! I love how expressive they all are, almost bursting from the page with colours and lines and emotions. Totally fitting to the Killjoys universe in general and this story in particular.

Perfect art for the story! Lovely!

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